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Warning Consumers About Internet Car Scams

In 2013 between April and September eBay was infested with car scams. Newly registered sellers with no feedback were listing late model automobiles for unrealistically low prices. Many buyers lost their money to these cleverly baited phishing traps. Doc created narrated screen capture videos warning consumers as more scams were listed every day. One of those videos is below.

About this time was when the the discrediting of his sellers reputation began. I'll always believe eBay was behind the trashing of my pristine sellers reputation. They gave scammers the run of the house with literally no regard to their members security. Fraudsters were picking their buyers pockets clean!

Video transcript: Greetings friends doc here it's Saturday June the 8th 2013 and we've got quite a few today to go through so we're gonna get started here real quick Saturday you know from what I've understood that there's nobody working at the eBay entrusting safety to take the scams down so naturally the scammers take advantage of that they've been doing it for years they've been doing it for nine years that I know of and but anyway here's the first one here here's the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo pretty burgundy car new seller here io imp 33 hi we pronounce that rested on June the 5th ok 2013 that's the seller or should I say the scammer but anyway there's the there's the dead fish right there don't miss 4400 so there you go that's the dead fish with that one yep 4400 yeah don't miss it yeah I'll bet the only problem is you get your first hint of the scam if you look at this auto check history report let's see let's go all the way down here you know it is it is it is definitely for sure animal in Pennsylvania but the only problem is look here it says cover reported as silver alright so let's go back up here and go back there we found the CARFAX report on it and by the way you know a lot of times you can get a free carfax report if a dealer has purchased the Carfax within 60 days you can find that Carfax by googling up the VIN number so that can save you some money right there if you're just happy to look for a car and you even if you know it's not a scam go go up the VIN number you might find a free carfax look $39 you might get it for free but anyway getting back to the Jeep here it's at dealer inventory 510 2013 okay we're sold at auction on five six okay so that is definitely in Pennsylvania but further moving on along with the VIN number I come up with this listing on AOL autos for a dealer and there's the Jeep that the VIN number matches this VIN here matches the been in the eBay auction okay the last six the sequential and look you see it's silver and also you see what they want for thirteen nine ninety five so that's the price you know this is the dead fish this is the stinks like dead fish this you know pretty looking thing too and you see they've actually they pay chopped out the come on ebay load show you there's two back see how they paint shopped out the the license plate so that's not even the same not even the same vehicle okay anyway next we move on down the line to this 2005 toyota tundra limited pick them up truck it's for sale by eleven dot another new seller that also record on the sixth okay June 613 and we come on down here and there's the bears distinct like dead fish take it for forty eight hundred yeah I'll take a dozen of them for forty eight hundred real deals not that not not some scammers stolen pictures but anyway you can see there's the photos okay they're just that's just the photos to sell and the scammers showing you he wants you to think that that's the truck that you'll be fitting honor that actually he wants you to contact him and to buy it for that and unfortunately moving on down the line I found good by googling up the VIN number I found they closed out listing on eBay previously ended on April 14th that twenty four visit brought eighty nine twenty five and it's in chair and neck New Jersey so it looks like it's looks like it's somewhere near the beach in in New Jersey so so there's the truck there's the actual truck that matches the bin okay and then of course there's the scammers truck yep anyway so you can see there's a FETs that's how they do it they take a bin from one two picture from another and there you go but here's number three a 2005 Chevy Tahoe z71 in Lindon Michigan for sale by twenty-two dot Smith I'm sure that's probably the same scammer that set up the whole one Goyle but another zero feedback were registered on June the 6th okay come on down here to the listing and there's the there's the really stinks like I mean you got to be a real idiot to follow to do this and contact this guy living bombs at hotmail.com 4600 yeah right can you hear me calling I'm sucker big I'm soccer date yep ah yeah there's the there's a listing I found by googling up the VIN number on eBay which previous owner had it up for sale May 26 that ended about 16 bits brought 9100 reserve not net so that's the legitimate listing and the pictures are the same on this one but of course they got the actual owner had more pictures but see that's a scam that's a scam so anyway we move on down the line and we've got this Wow look at this big ol they go decked out 2000 Ford f-250 FX 4 Hey look at that man what a deal only 11 - woohoo 11 - for sale buy new seller curvy KRV why C 29 0 feedback arrested on June the 5th 13 okay so anyhoo come on down the listing and you can buy it for only 11 - wow what a deal huh and then there's the there's the dead fish you know contact me at this they want to get you off eBay so they can pull some scam on you okay good looking truck but there ain't no way in hell you're gonna buy that for 11 - okay so don't even think about him you see something like this just click back out of there and don't waste your time if you are an eBay member you can come down to the bottom link here and where it says report this item and click and report it unfortunately they suspended me because they don't like people like me telling their people there's brought out there so I can't report it but you can so anyway so that's the that's the scam I did find this listing apparently it's already sold okay but there's the truck 23 988 that's the price that who had it up for sale okay so I do believe it's already been sold but that's the VIN then that just that truck the sequential B so they want 23 they we're asking 23 988 and yet our scammer here we'll sell it for 11 - so if you if you swallow that sucker bait they'll reel you in and steal your money and probably steal your identity - at the same time so you just got to be careful folks do your homework don't swallow the sucker bait okay last but not least here's another Ford pick them up truck it must be pick them up truck day but here's a 2004 and f250 crew cab diesel for sale by 22 Vil 3 another zero feedback ER and have a look here June 6 restaurants June 6 you know very possibly these accounts are being set up with someone stolen I did need a stolen credit card I mean I kind of have a hard time believing scammers are using their own identity to whisk ours you know just like everything else they do it's all false so but anyway coming back here going down the listing just truck to be yours only 7 grams I mean you got to be a total fricking idiot to think you can buy a 2005 Powerstroke diesel truck 4x4 you know for 7 grand you know for more pictures contact me you know there's the debt there's the stinks like dead fish right here and right there ok so you know if you swallow that sucker bait they'll reel your ass in ok 7 grand ha ha ha yeah right mm-hmm of course there's a there's a listing where it was on eBay it's actually in use to Texas there's the truck that matches the VIN okay it's a truck dealer in Houston Texas that had to something they sold it I don't know if they sold it or not but that's who owned it and man was there a price on here well yeah they wanted it brought thirteen 299 reserved not that they wanted 18 480 now you know I noticed that Audi made that you know these vehicles aren't bringing anywhere near what the what the actual market value they're not even bringing anywhere near what actual wholesale would be on an average because you know they've ruined the refugee in my personal opinion anyway he bass ruined the reputation of this site by you know allowing me number one allowed me dance cameras to come in here I mean they've been doing it since I started doing I started recording eBay motor scams in 2004 okay because they were out of hand they're still out of hand and he baits letting them get away with it and just killing now that's the fine example of a gorgeous-looking truck I mean this guy's got the messy old Vesey old double iframe problem see there when you got a lot of HTML using Firefox browser you're gonna get stuck with a double double iframe but look at that that's a gorgeous truck beautiful looking truck you know and you know chuckle we brought 13 299 the 11 bids you know trucks worth 18 grand all day long it worth 18 grand at the auction wholesale to another dealer okay but anyway now also I want to point out my website here is a bay Motor sucks com that's my blog and you know I've got documented eBay fraud going all the way back to 2000 or late 2004 early 2003 that I've been I've been back in the old days before we had the video you know I've been documenting all these scams the history's here it's been going on forever okay seems like forever and it's still happening now what you want to understand is I want to show you on the home page here this is an article from the FBI okay that it tells that how the scammers are using eBay branding which is the VP fee or the vehicle purchase protection how to scare people out of their money okay so you might you know anytime anytime you got any doubts about a scam you know just go check this out if you don't believe me listen to the FBI okay and also it's very important that there's been a lot of lot of fraudulent second-chance offers going down and there's also a video here that I've got embedded in my site that's talking about a person in Texas that almost got scammed being was smart and he called eBay and they said no it's a scam it was on an Airstream trailer he almost lost his money but what also I want you to know is the especially aware of any second-chance offer if you bid on any of these cars that these scammers have listing you could have even been on somebody's car that they could have hijacked someone's account you might get an email for a second chance offer okay just got to be careful that that very possibly could be fraudulent okay never even send a small deposit to you've confirmed the valid a of the offer by contacting a summer through the eBay message center never contact a seller through an external email address like we've seen on these examples I did earlier okay and also that should be in if you get a legitimate second-chance offer from eBay it should be in your eBay my messages okay that's the both in you want to look out for now down here is an actual scammers invoice for a vehicle on eBay that a friend of mine played out played this thing scam out with these scammers okay and then this deal and you can see here come up a little bit there what they wanted was the get the goal of this game was to hustle the mark out of it eighty four hundred and fifty dollar deposit by wire scam of my wire transfer okay but now this this one had a this one had a twit double twist to it in order to in order to do this you had to call this toll-free number okay the eight seven seven two zero nine seven one two five which is supposed to be the eBay Support Center okay to confirm your invoice and request payment in instructions okay so basically what these people what these scammers are doing is they're gonna fish your identity when you call this number to complete your transaction they're gonna ask you your date of birth and you know your driver license number and you know blah blah blah they're gonna they're gonna steal your identity they're not only going to steal your money they're gonna steal your identity too so be very very careful if you see anything it looks even anything resembles anything like this okay just run like hell and if you've communicated with a scammer you need to run a full virus scan on your computer okay they could put a key log or anything in there that could one day one you're put chatting with them they could hide a key logger that when you type in your banking password or anything it transmits it to scammers so run a full virus scan on your computer and you know I use myself and it's free if you're using Windows it's called Microsoft Security Essentials ok it's for Windows it's Windows antivirus it's free it works like a charm it'll block a script it does auto updates updates itself automatically just like Norton or any others that you got to pay a fortune for it works fine ok but in the meantime I'm going to get out of here I've talked way too long but just beware that the scams are out there and also I might want to add real quick I've teamed up with another ebay video blogger the crazy New York driver is a another video blogger on YouTube and he knows everything about eBay if you need any help with an eBay transaction or anything asked me a comment in one of my videos there go to the crazy New York driver channel it's called it's cra-z EE ny driver ok his YouTube channel and post a comment I'm one of his videos or are contacting through YouTube email and he'll be glad to help you but anyway you know whatever you do folks just be careful the scams are out there you know don't swallow the sucker bait there's these scammers are pros at what they do stealing people's money ok and if you if you you do they're useful if you do if you swallow the hook you're done forth they'll reel you in and your money and your identity to be fished so take your friends have a great weekend

warning about car scams

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