eBay Bullies Vlog

Twitter @ReportBullies Promoting Hate @Jack Will Not Remove It

Twitter account @ReportBullies is another social media account that's used to spread hate. It's been reported many times in it's 5 year existence but is still spreading hatred and bad will. @ReportBullies is rumored to belong to eBay seller Hubcap Joe who owns a Moscow RU hate website that's advertised on it's cover page.

twitter hate account @reportbullies hubcap joe crazeenydriver

Theirs no doubt where this hate is coming from. eBay top rated seller Joe DeMarco is the linked website owner. Joe also produces the weekly eBay Infomercial series on YouTube under his crazeenydriver channel. Looking through DeMarco's past "eBay Talk Videos" you will see this linked offshore hate website advertised. Who is data from when it's privacy protection expired is here.

This is yet another example of corporate hate alleged to be coming from eBay Inc. It's been going on since around 2013 and local law enforcement and the feds refuse to get involved. It's criminal cyberstalking, plain and simple. 

Doc produced this video about a year ago documenting who owns this hate website!

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