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Suspended For Complaining About Car Scams On eBay Motors

In 2006 eBay was infested with car scams. Doc ended up getting suspended after a listing was wrongly cancelled. I always invited prospective buyers to call my toll free number to ask questions or to add a buy now to a listing. I had an absolute baby doll 1986 Lincoln town car with low miles. As I've done many times a buyer called and we negotiated a buy-now price.

I logged into eBay and added the buy-now option. Told the buyer to refresh his screen and he should see the buy-now added and to click it and close the listing out. He said it's gone. eBay had pulled the listing for suspected fraud.  I ended up selling the car without it's auction. But really angry about what transpired i sent Bill Cobb a nasty-gram. He responded by clicking his naru button and it was goodbye Doc.

I'm thinking they wanted to get rid of me and set me up my killing that listing. I was a pain in their sides always complying on their motors forum about the massive amount of car scams and deadbeat bidders who won auctions and did not pay. The trolls are telling people i sold stolen cars and rolled back odometers. Trolls also claim eBay kicked me off for being a scammer which is not true!

Here's a screenshot of my now famous NARU email dated 01/22/2006. It's posted to my phpBB forums and has many replies from friends and motors forum members. By that time it was nearly impossible to sell a quality 'front line ready' used car on eBay. My buyer and I below standing next to the car.

ebay suspension (naru) email notification

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