eBay Bullies Vlog

Stop Cyberbullying Now YouTube Channel Promoting Hate

This YouTube Channel Stop Cyberbullying Now is anything BUT what it's name implies. Alleged eBay corporate trolls headed by crazeenydriver post this hate using anonymous YouTube accounts. This hate video is produced by creator Jason DeCanio of Oviedo FL.

youtube hate video id ik2tLHhzu2E creator jason decanio

Video transcript: well good morning once again folks to the Disney Kenya channel for Wednesday May 21st 2014 and cone you fucking old man you just don't know how to leave well enough alone to you it just like the fat boy have to stick your nose and everybody's business let me tell you something about what you want to classify as social media manipulation you my friend do a hell of a good job pull it off all this crap look at you t me based smear campaign you know this right here is going to land you in fucking jail why because you have no business making a site like this your website ok your google URL your YouTube channel your shield Buster's dot org you want to be exposed just like the fat boy we can expose you very easily there my wonderful word the wisdom to you is old man you should have stuck your nose somewhere else when you said I was going to have my surgery done and then you come back play all this hopes on us your hoax backfired first of all because it didn't it didn't surprise me one bit you know you didn't play anybody but yourselves as damn fools ok you want my advice there Coon why don't you go ahead stick your nose in the river and suck up some of that polluted crap that's floating in your brain ok you want to talk about a smear campaign how do we smear you and eBay is a joke charles w fridge all over the internet and talk about how you lie and deceive and fraud and scam people how about that how about we do that and we could do incredibly and not break the law you see you break the law and continue to do this again you and the fat boy have lost your focus why don't you go into ebay paypal for fucking you over and you know to get any brain cells left in that old fucking head of yours you know who to our continued to demoralise the fame say neat things about the passing of Joe's mom really heartless it and you're a heathen for Christ's sake that my friend you know you're a heathen you don't practice no religion you say you keep going to church I want to see what church you go to buddy in Tampa yeah I tell the pastor what a fucking idiot you are I said this before to you mr. Kuhn as long as you guys want to keep smearing me all over the fucking place you're going to get what's coming back to you it's really simple stop doing this and I will stop doing this it's really simple you guys want to expose what you know you cannot win against which is all of us against you're too sorry asses well if you want to count that whiler that's three I still say it's a 10 23 matchup with us coming out on top every time now ed you know you keep saying that I dodged your interview about this well here's my response back to you you think I'm going to give you a truthful statement about the mail fraud situation I told you I was innocent of all of that crap you're very old fat board made up all that crap and you believed in like a jerk that you are you would believe a better tells lies you're Christian and you know what they always say about Christians they never tell the truth ok that's not all Christians ok I've been a Roman Catholic for 34 years want to bring the religion thing in here smartass you know yeah yeah the group is led to be headed you know joel has didn't want to fight you and the problem is is that you're a coward just like fish you don't want to put your money way and put money where your mouth is you know you just want to go on and make these videos use the smear campaign the social media manipulation you love manipulating the media just as much as we do but here's the thing it's like the Liberals and the Conservatives your liberals we're conservative we tell the truth you lie and you always will why don't you go on CNN MSNBC ABC CBS all these letter channels and go and tell your story see if they really want to take your stories of how you lie and deceive people and tell their story you know if you're so big on this whole thing that mr. Kuhn because I think you're a fool I really do my word of wisdom to you is you shoulda quit while you were ahead when you had your surgery if you had your surgery and God knows you had to talk about an expert see you expose yourself every time there because you're told what to say by the fat boy and don't get me this bullshit that I don't know what I'm talking about come on man they are bullshit on it's just like he is and as far as I'm concerned you know the two you can go rock lake titicaca my friends because you're heartless you're cold hearted you show me very much disrespect to a man whose mother is on her freakin death bag do you have any idea how this man is taking this do you have any idea no you just don't give a shit let me tell you something there mr. Kuhn I hope you die of what has happened to you when the doctor screws you over okay why did you go complain to your insurance company how you got screwed over in your surgery okay and it doesn't matter if your old young newer weather when the time is up the Lord's calling you you gotta go and leave everything behind so you want to continue to make these stupid videos go right ahead you know you wanna keep your Charles are being blocked as far as it and as far as I'm concerned you can make a rebuttal video that i don't know what i'm talking about that I don't need to stay at it let me tell you some of the fat boys called me out as long as the fat boy and yourself are calling me and everybody else out we're going to fight you about this I'll see you sorry ass in court man I should have came after you a long time ago with a PPO I really should have because you threatened just as much as the fat boy does it may not come right out and point a finger but you shouldn't know how to convince people that you think you know what you're talking about and you can take your sorry 20 years of doing all this shit with cars and everything retire for a change go enjoy life man it's not your fight it's not dead LYLAS fight it's Charles W Fitch's fight and right now he's a sorry coward for not coming out and starting to come clean about some things because as long as he talks the shit hits the fan every time and you read you're just spreading the shit all over the place so with these these fake channels this one and you know everything else that you basically have come up with the cyber awareness channel that has I've received notifications from who the hell are you fucking kidding man who the hell are you kidding yeah man you're jealous just like he is you gotta stick your nose where the Sun don't shine right money yeah that's exactly right hey so friends let me tell you something about mr. air-cooled he loves to stick his nose in everybody else's business just like Charles W fetch cheap Detweiler anyone who is jealous of the fact that they're like them they get pissed off and they got exposed well we're gonna expose you guys how about that how about it edge how about it because look at it this way if you want to sue me for exposing you we can come right back and expose you for 20 years of scams frauds and everything else you got your sorry ass kicked off ebay paypal and the likes of okay i will sell on ebay or paypal the mail fraud scam any true but you're going to believe the fat boy over me because i stood you up on a phone interview you think i'm going to stoop to your level no way mr. kuhn you want to debate you come on Jason Kelly's show and we'll debate and I'll tell your sorry ass right in front of a million people you are the loneliest person in tampa bay florida who sits it from his computer there crepyn yeah and I can you're fat booyah fat poor friend will say that I am harassing the eldery let me tell you something man there are more mature adults out there who are on justice in better shape as you are mr. Kuhn but think before they talk ok you get played for a fool every time by mr. fish so you know what comes out of your pie hole then hits the fan every time so once again friends if if if Charles W fit your head Coon want this kind of treatment we will give it to them it's as simple as that I have no problem exposing to growing overgrown Apes individuals that need to be put away in a jail in a facility where they need some serious counseling serious help serious thoughts about what they're saying and to who they're saying it to andrew that directing their anger toward because we know you're pissed off we know you're upset but here's the thing your accusations and your allegations are becoming false every day so go ahead talk some more bullshit makes you look like a fucking idiot doesn't it that mr. Kuhn that's alright that's alright you keep talking and I'll keep truthfully telling you to your face in videos or fucking assholes you really are they said he can yell out

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