eBay Bullies Vlog

There's No Rights For Victims Of Hate

Corporate sponsored hate has become an epidemic. Bullies and trolls rumored to be paid with company swag are given unlimited access to attack their prey on social media.

I've put up a good fight attempting to document the troll attacks against me, but by no means have given up. It's about my operation of ebay motors sucks motor vehicle specific fraud awareness website that's been online since since 2004 that i refuse to shut down.

No longer do i have the desire to maintain multiple websites dedicated to telling the truth about the attacks I've endured for the last 6 years. My newest domain corporatehate.org along with suspendedfromebay.com redirect to this page.

The content from corporatehate.org h and suspendedfromebay.com have been merged with eBay motors sucks blog including it's extensive video evidence collection of corporate wrongdoings. I did not sell stolen cars or roll back odometers on vehicles sold on eBayMotors.

The eBay guy #crazeenydriver aka #hubcapjoes who is running this alleged black-op hates myself and another former eBay seller who goes by sellercritic, and is on a vendetta to destroy both of us. Many videos documenting our abuse are archived on this website.

YouTube has refused to remove bullying videos targeting my former eBay sellers id.

It's only a matter of time before the eBay guy and his troll brigade slip up and are arrested. When that day comes the good doctor will still be here along with ebaymotorssucks.com

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