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Exposing Spam on Youtube - eBay Spam Conspiracy

Wrongdoings alleged to manipulate Wall Street investors by utilizing YouTube spam channels increasing channel engagement. Monopolized channels and videos possibly defrauding advertisers by false video clicks earning channel owners ill-gotten gains.

I've been reporting some of these channels here that are located on this ebay spam channel crazeenydriver a lot of these channels are being made by spam bots to create YouTube comments to promote eBay and this is what I'm talking about by market manipulation they're using these first of all eBay's using these channels here to promote eBay okay this guy right here happens to be probably somebody that's being paid or employed by eBay to create this content there's no hard evidence of that although he is promoting eBay every week and claims to have inside connections and connections to executives this man right here he's called Joe DeMarco crazy NY driver and he sells on ebay under a seller idea of hubcap Joe's this is one of the many channels and YouTube that spam YouTube and from to try and promote eBay stores they're promoting their own stores but these are people recruiting using YouTube as a recruitment ground for other people to the company and this is what I'm called this is what I mean by market manipulation these people are manipulating the image of the eBay brand on a highly traffic it a high high traffic social media website called YouTube which as we know gets the most traffic of any other website on the internet so if you scroll through these what they're doing is they're making they're not only making the content and recruiting and doing all that kind of stuff using tools these disguise a tool okay I call them a tool but they're they're not only smart manipulating and spamming with content for their channels but what they're also doing is they're making spam bots they're making these channels with spam bots some of these people here that are commenting are real people let me show you an example of a spam bot channel created specifically to post this comment here on his channel [Music] so if we go to this channel right here I've reported it for spam but as you can see these are actually dormant allowed me move the screen here okay these are actually channels that are dormant that have been created either years ago or somebody at YouTube is responsible for creating these channels to make them appear like they're dormant this channel says that it joined in 2011 eight years ago but no content was put on this channel look they they forgot to apparently they forgot to edit their feeds or remove their feeds because they do have playlists and channels that they liked or favorited and if you look at some of these channels and you match what they went where they went and subscribed or favorited these channels here's their playlists right here like the videos videos no uploaded videos these are just like the videos of other people so this channel was made specifically in 2011 to post comments on this channel right here which is the crazy and white driver Channel and so if we go through here we'll find many more of these user accounts here's one right here you'll see long comments posted you always see long comments posted this is spam this is spam created by people at eBay using spam bots to create these channels see here's another one little I'm a pilot eBay store liking the crazy on white driver videos let me move the screen again as you can see this one was created in 2013 another channel laid dormant for the specific use of creating comments on a specific YouTube channels videos the crazy NY driver so there's evidence example number two here's another person right here that I found for real girl 42 creating again creating questions and comments on this person's YouTube channel to make the channel appear that it is not spam and that is a legitimate channel but it really isn't I'm going to go ahead and show you her profile and here it is again joined in September 21st 2011 another dormant channel for real girl 42 36 subscribers but there's no content on the channel only like the videos [Music] what's really interesting on this one is it was created and in 2011 like that other one was that's example evidence number three here's evidence number four seven hours ago this comment was posted this airing kludge airing kludge airing clutch 12 subscribers created March 2nd of 2008 no content no content these are fake this is evidence number four now people this is these are faked spam bots that are created and then they're later used to create comments on this guy's ebay channel this is evidence again people of market manipulation of ebay stock this is some company is got to be working with somebody that is creating these channels for the specific purpose of trying to boost or boast popularity of this guy's channel if I was to go back to other videos this is his latest videos video right here eBay Motors is my cash cow lately he's been stating that eBay is paying him a lot of money eBay is paying his bills we've got audio files of him stating that the reason that he loved putting me on the news and that eBay gave him stuff to show for it you could go to seller critic calm right here and this is all commentary protected by free speech there's an article I did here eBay is Brian Burke involved in market manipulation with his top rated sellers here's a picture of Brian Burke right here here's the actual article so this is this is crazy and why driver appearing with Brian Burke and he states in this video that eBay pays a lot of his bills and he's not bashful about saying it we have audio files right here in this article here I'm gonna play you these audio files real quick oh yeah he's a great example all right additional information and resources here comes the admission [Music] you [Music] eBay has paid a lot of my bills and I'm not bashful about saying it but to see the other admission here Chuck the bitch where Charles Fitch Westland Michigan him to ruin me for five years because I got input on Fox News yes I see so there's the admissions to key admissions that really was what we needed to link when this guy appeared in this video there's a video on this guy's channel of him Bryan Burk appearing with this guy and when they appeared together they basically solidified the date they hardened the lake that we were looking for they basically gave us the late evidence that these people are involved executives are involved this guy right here if I was eBay right now I would terminate this person for the involvement possible racketeering with this guy right here using YouTube social media to try and destroy people they tried to get me fired from my job as a UAW members they've this guy put me on the news in 2012 stating a fake news agenda stating that I was spitting on his items when I wasn't he didn't have no evidence of it but yet the news person ran with the story they got me put on multiple websites posted in multiple website articles so that story went viral and it's because of this guy right here and probably a few other people that we think we we have evidence to link those people as well these are all people involved in this racketeering campaigns against their critics really is what it is so going back to this guy's channel and by the way there's no privacy information given here this guy's a public figure of Kappa Jones a public figure appears on YouTube each week and he appears in the news he appears on local radio and meetups with eBay is indeed a public figure so this this video is protected his news and commentary and it's protected by free speech and this video is not even being monetized by the way I don't Lana ties none of my videos but if you scroll through this guy's videos you'll see the same people posting comments each week on this guy's Channel yes there are real people do some of these people all multiple YouTube channels they probably do you see the same four or five people posting and then you see new people new new accounts Denver flipper Johnny shredder that appear you'll see new accounts appear John Hyde skins let's see [Music] yeah this is a spam this looks like this channel here this John HOD just son this is a spam channel and I'm gonna have this shut down too so there's there's a guy that or there's a group of people or a company that's posting these YouTube channels and they're putting videos that they don't own on these YouTube channels they're spamming YouTube and we kind of think that either the news media Fox 2 News has somebody doing it in Detroit that's posted there's other channels trying to like this where they're posting all kinds of real estate channels or real estate videos if you search my name on YouTube [Music] you filter this week you'll see some what comes up you'll see a lot of these real estate channels [Music] but this channel right here has a lot of videos on that is not owned by this person right here so I'm going to flag it for spam it could be somebody in Florida or Texas posting these channels where they're uploading yeah this guy this guy is in the United Kingdom okay so this guy I think this guy's actually he used to go by the old his old YouTube channel Superman's back 25 or Superman's back 23 or something like that this is a UK a United Kingdom kid spammer that's posting what they're doing is posting channels fake channels and they're uploading videos that they don't own okay and so I've seen a few channels like this there's one channel that has old TV shows on it and I know who you are dude I know who you are I know who you are and you're you're also stealing music and uploading it stealing music and you're stealing software and you're using a UK or you're using a Bulgarian server to facilitate all that and this website is on that server right here Chuck bitch scammer calm this is owned by hubcap jokes this is all about eBay seller this guy right here so he owns see where he's posted my little photos so he owns this this server that this site is I is actually a server that has illegal software music and all kinds of other stuff on it and this guy right here knows the guy in the United Kingdom that is posting and stealing the software I've got to report this to the FBI too and maybe they can do some research on it and link these people together do I think mr. DeMarco is guilty of stealing software music and anything else off the internet to earn income on YouTube with bogus channels no that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is we know he owns this website which is on that server okay and we know let's go back down to this guy's account was it Denver flipper well this this is also a fake account right here let me just show this gonna be evidence number five a fake to fit channels I'm kind of flipping around and they they try to hide the about tab so you can't see when you when the channel was made but all you gotta do is put a forward slash and type about in the address bar so October 7 2006 these channels were made years ago to lie dormant for some reason or the dates were changed by somebody at YouTube but this is some significant evidence of foul play people foul play okay sorry I'm bouncing around but let's get back to the video let's get back to the server information here okay so let's go back to John hodkin Todd gets in hatsune we're gonna go back to him this is the this is the channel where he's uploading other people's content I mean tons and tons of videos videos of different people here's a video right here see this is just a a mix of content because they're trying to mattifies this content okay let's look at this video six years ago yes so who are you are you John Hodgman Hodgkins or Addison I don't think this guy's name real name is John Hodgman this is just random content you have another video here that's uploaded [Music] blitzkrieg this is from our UK person this guy don't own this video so I'm reporting this channel is spamming Superman's back or mark Matt solo if you're the one uploading these videos these YouTube channels to spam YouTube to try and earn money off people like Elton John or whatever company this is I've been the one shutting down your channels I think you uploaded your you had a couple other channels that had TV shows on they were they were removed they were they were killed off because they were spam channels like this are spam and you only need to report one video to get them pulled but you're not gonna earn money buddy you're not gonna earn any money on stuff like this and I'm watching you and I'm gonna keep reporting these types of channels that I see that are commenting on the crazy NY driver Channel.

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