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Corporate Hate

It's the digital enforcement law of the land. Companies with horrible corporate governance who hate are using trolls to terrorize their critics and naysayers. After 6 years being trolled and websites hacked it's past due time for it to end. But the feds and local law enforcement will not get involved.

  • eBay Brian Burke Corporate Trolls Hate GOD Too

    The below video is an example of how eBay community development director Brian Burke and his puppet Hubcap Joe develops eBay's communities. It takes a sick mind to hate our heavenly father God and to disrespect him in this shameful way. This is the Dark Side of eBay Inc!

    There is a special place in HELL for all of you eBay Inc corporate trolls!

    ebay director brian burke community development hates god

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  • Exposing Spam on Youtube - eBay Spam Conspiracy

    Wrongdoings alleged to manipulate Wall Street investors by utilizing YouTube spam channels increasing channel engagement. Monopolized channels and videos possibly defrauding advertisers by false video clicks earning channel owners ill-gotten gains.

    I've been reporting some of these channels here that are located on this ebay spam channel crazeenydriver a lot of these channels are being made by spam bots to create YouTube comments to promote eBay and this is what I'm talking about by market manipulation they're using these first of all eBay's using these channels here to promote eBay okay this guy right here happens to be probably somebody that's being paid or employed by eBay to create this content there's no hard evidence of that although he is promoting eBay every week and claims to have inside connections and connections to executives this man right here he's called Joe DeMarco crazy NY driver and he sells on ebay under a seller idea of hubcap Joe's this is one of the many channels and YouTube that spam YouTube and from to try and promote eBay stores they're promoting their own stores but these are people recruiting using YouTube as a recruitment ground for other people to the company and this is what I'm called this is what I mean by market manipulation these people are manipulating the image of the eBay brand on a highly traffic it a high high traffic social media website called YouTube which as we know gets the most traffic of any other website on the internet so if you scroll through these what they're doing is they're making they're not only making the content and recruiting and doing all that kind of stuff using tools these disguise a tool okay I call them a tool but they're they're not only smart manipulating and spamming with content for their channels but what they're also doing is they're making spam bots they're making these channels with spam bots some of these people here that are commenting are real people let me show you an example of a spam bot channel created specifically to post this comment here on his channel [Music] so if we go to this channel right here I've reported it for spam but as you can see these are actually dormant allowed me move the screen here okay these are actually channels that are dormant that have been created either years ago or somebody at YouTube is responsible for creating these channels to make them appear like they're dormant this channel says that it joined in 2011 eight years ago but no content was put on this channel look they they forgot to apparently they forgot to edit their feeds or remove their feeds because they do have playlists and channels that they liked or favorited and if you look at some of these channels and you match what they went where they went and subscribed or favorited these channels here's their playlists right here like the videos videos no uploaded videos these are just like the videos of other people so this channel was made specifically in 2011 to post comments on this channel right here which is the crazy and white driver Channel and so if we go through here we'll find many more of these user accounts here's one right here you'll see long comments posted you always see long comments posted this is spam this is spam created by people at eBay using spam bots to create these channels see here's another one little I'm a pilot eBay store liking the crazy on white driver videos let me move the screen again as you can see this one was created in 2013 another channel laid dormant for the specific use of creating comments on a specific YouTube channels videos the crazy NY driver so there's evidence example number two here's another person right here that I found for real girl 42 creating again creating questions and comments on this person's YouTube channel to make the channel appear that it is not spam and that is a legitimate channel but it really isn't I'm going to go ahead and show you her profile and here it is again joined in September 21st 2011 another dormant channel for real girl 42 36 subscribers but there's no content on the channel only like the videos [Music] what's really interesting on this one is it was created and in 2011 like that other one was that's example evidence number three here's evidence number four seven hours ago this comment was posted this airing kludge airing kludge airing clutch 12 subscribers created March 2nd of 2008 no content no content these are fake this is evidence number four now people this is these are faked spam bots that are created and then they're later used to create comments on this guy's ebay channel this is evidence again people of market manipulation of ebay stock this is some company is got to be working with somebody that is creating these channels for the specific purpose of trying to boost or boast popularity of this guy's channel if I was to go back to other videos this is his latest videos video right here eBay Motors is my cash cow lately he's been stating that eBay is paying him a lot of money eBay is paying his bills we've got audio files of him stating that the reason that he loved putting me on the news and that eBay gave him stuff to show for it you could go to seller critic calm right here and this is all commentary protected by free speech there's an article I did here eBay is Brian Burke involved in market manipulation with his top rated sellers here's a picture of Brian Burke right here here's the actual article so this is this is crazy and why driver appearing with Brian Burke and he states in this video that eBay pays a lot of his bills and he's not bashful about saying it we have audio files right here in this article here I'm gonna play you these audio files real quick oh yeah he's a great example all right additional information and resources here comes the admission [Music] you [Music] eBay has paid a lot of my bills and I'm not bashful about saying it but to see the other admission here Chuck the bitch where Charles Fitch Westland Michigan him to ruin me for five years because I got input on Fox News yes I see so there's the admissions to key admissions that really was what we needed to link when this guy appeared in this video there's a video on this guy's channel of him Bryan Burk appearing with this guy and when they appeared together they basically solidified the date they hardened the lake that we were looking for they basically gave us the late evidence that these people are involved executives are involved this guy right here if I was eBay right now I would terminate this person for the involvement possible racketeering with this guy right here using YouTube social media to try and destroy people they tried to get me fired from my job as a UAW members they've this guy put me on the news in 2012 stating a fake news agenda stating that I was spitting on his items when I wasn't he didn't have no evidence of it but yet the news person ran with the story they got me put on multiple websites posted in multiple website articles so that story went viral and it's because of this guy right here and probably a few other people that we think we we have evidence to link those people as well these are all people involved in this racketeering campaigns against their critics really is what it is so going back to this guy's channel and by the way there's no privacy information given here this guy's a public figure of Kappa Jones a public figure appears on YouTube each week and he appears in the news he appears on local radio and meetups with eBay is indeed a public figure so this this video is protected his news and commentary and it's protected by free speech and this video is not even being monetized by the way I don't Lana ties none of my videos but if you scroll through this guy's videos you'll see the same people posting comments each week on this guy's Channel yes there are real people do some of these people all multiple YouTube channels they probably do you see the same four or five people posting and then you see new people new new accounts Denver flipper Johnny shredder that appear you'll see new accounts appear John Hyde skins let's see [Music] yeah this is a spam this looks like this channel here this John HOD just son this is a spam channel and I'm gonna have this shut down too so there's there's a guy that or there's a group of people or a company that's posting these YouTube channels and they're putting videos that they don't own on these YouTube channels they're spamming YouTube and we kind of think that either the news media Fox 2 News has somebody doing it in Detroit that's posted there's other channels trying to like this where they're posting all kinds of real estate channels or real estate videos if you search my name on YouTube [Music] you filter this week you'll see some what comes up you'll see a lot of these real estate channels [Music] but this channel right here has a lot of videos on that is not owned by this person right here so I'm going to flag it for spam it could be somebody in Florida or Texas posting these channels where they're uploading yeah this guy this guy is in the United Kingdom okay so this guy I think this guy's actually he used to go by the old his old YouTube channel Superman's back 25 or Superman's back 23 or something like that this is a UK a United Kingdom kid spammer that's posting what they're doing is posting channels fake channels and they're uploading videos that they don't own okay and so I've seen a few channels like this there's one channel that has old TV shows on it and I know who you are dude I know who you are I know who you are and you're you're also stealing music and uploading it stealing music and you're stealing software and you're using a UK or you're using a Bulgarian server to facilitate all that and this website is on that server right here Chuck bitch scammer calm this is owned by hubcap jokes this is all about eBay seller this guy right here so he owns see where he's posted my little photos so he owns this this server that this site is I is actually a server that has illegal software music and all kinds of other stuff on it and this guy right here knows the guy in the United Kingdom that is posting and stealing the software I've got to report this to the FBI too and maybe they can do some research on it and link these people together do I think mr. DeMarco is guilty of stealing software music and anything else off the internet to earn income on YouTube with bogus channels no that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is we know he owns this website which is on that server okay and we know let's go back down to this guy's account was it Denver flipper well this this is also a fake account right here let me just show this gonna be evidence number five a fake to fit channels I'm kind of flipping around and they they try to hide the about tab so you can't see when you when the channel was made but all you gotta do is put a forward slash and type about in the address bar so October 7 2006 these channels were made years ago to lie dormant for some reason or the dates were changed by somebody at YouTube but this is some significant evidence of foul play people foul play okay sorry I'm bouncing around but let's get back to the video let's get back to the server information here okay so let's go back to John hodkin Todd gets in hatsune we're gonna go back to him this is the this is the channel where he's uploading other people's content I mean tons and tons of videos videos of different people here's a video right here see this is just a a mix of content because they're trying to mattifies this content okay let's look at this video six years ago yes so who are you are you John Hodgman Hodgkins or Addison I don't think this guy's name real name is John Hodgman this is just random content you have another video here that's uploaded [Music] blitzkrieg this is from our UK person this guy don't own this video so I'm reporting this channel is spamming Superman's back or mark Matt solo if you're the one uploading these videos these YouTube channels to spam YouTube to try and earn money off people like Elton John or whatever company this is I've been the one shutting down your channels I think you uploaded your you had a couple other channels that had TV shows on they were they were removed they were they were killed off because they were spam channels like this are spam and you only need to report one video to get them pulled but you're not gonna earn money buddy you're not gonna earn any money on stuff like this and I'm watching you and I'm gonna keep reporting these types of channels that I see that are commenting on the crazy NY driver Channel.

    youtube spam channels

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  • Charles Fitch Fights Back Against Unproven CrazeeNyDriver Attacks

    In this video posted 03/10/19 Charles Fitch aka seller critic lays it on the line. We have both been cyber-smeared by Hubcap Joe the eBay man who is a social media manipulator for this monolith corporation spreading lies and hate. It started as critic ebayisajoke selling amazon associates niche websites on YouTube while bashing eBay and PayPal. More info on that is here on blog.ebaybullies.com. It's nothing more than corporate sponsored hate being exposed!

    Transcript: what's going on guys this is the cellar critic known as eBay as a joke I was in the news about seven years ago this guy right here put me in the news well he did it through somebody in Michigan somebody in Michigan helped them out he was a big part of it this guy right here sells on eBay as hubcap Joe's let's look at the store this is him right here this guy right here this guy is very dangerous on the flat floor by the way [Music] all right so we we've established who this person is this person right here owns this eBay seller account hubcap Joe's he's abusive he's been daxing me on a channel called the FICCI channel this is his channel his alternate channel right here I'm gonna bring up the voice and let you hear it today is Saturday this video is a UAW named Sean Fitch who works and so he died he's been dodging me in these videos okay so this is the guy right here he's a PayPal he works for a PayPal or eBay is a promoter on YouTube some say he's actually employed and he has actually admitted that he's gotten stuff from eBay and PayPal so we know he we know that he's getting stuff from the company Chuck Fitch or Charles Fitch and Westland Michigan has been trying to ruin me for five years because I got input on Fox News yes I did and I'm damn proud of it but I have this cup and a lot of other things to show for it this guy right here this is the seller right here okay sells hubcaps so and by the way eBay is sending all the hubcaps sales to this guy for what he's doing to me on these videos and this is not the only channel that he has he's got about fourteen of these channels that he owns where he's daxing my employer he's telling people to call my you a WI me to report me and the only thing I've actually done to this guy was produced videos stating the people who he is and what he does and I called him out in 2012 for abusing eBay buyers he didn't like it so when I exposed him now he's been trying to docks me when he found out where I worked in 2017 he started doing all these videos about me posting stuff about my UAW post and stuff about my workplace calling my workplace sending registered letters to my workplace tracking tracked registered letters that I have the tracking evidence of so this guy is very dangerous as an eBay seller right here needs to be removed okay so what does this guy do he fucking in 2017 he's got this somebody from eBay to send me probably from eBay UK to send me this fucking letter telling me not to use eBay telling me that I'm violating or I shouldn't circumvent various policies and payment practices or payment policies payment violations selling violations when I've never sold on eBay since I don't think 2004 2006 I don't know when it was but what's interesting is the last part of this section here where it says you're disruptive activity on eBay's website directly contravenes the terms of the eBay user agreement to which you agreed each time you registered an eBay user the User Agreement States among other things that you will not fail to pay manipulate the price take any action or undermine feedback breach or circumvent the the laws third party rights to our systems their determinations of your account status and the final one that's pretty funny here disclose it users information to a third party for purposes unrelated to the services well let's see here your top rated seller here your hubcap jose is putting out on you to that where I work where I live and where my UAW is located the phone numbers the phone numbers in the address to my employer the address to my home he's using 14 channels on YouTube not only that but he has a website that's located in Sofia Bulgaria that is nothing but targeted hate against me this guy really hates me he hates me so bad and you know what it's funny the people that really hate people like me that are against eBay and PayPal we call these people critics or anti eBay people those people that really hate people like us are the people like this hubcap Joe that PR pumps for eBay okay these are the people that really hate us because they seem to think we threaten their businesses ok so this guy is using my information posting my information where I work where I live where my UAW is I've been a UAW member for hell over 20 years now and this guy is posting videos on this channel specifically telling people to report me to my UAW my work place all kinds of stuff in 2012 they put out a hit piece on Fox 2 News about me calling me an internet predator and a bullier or whatever they called me simply because I was doing videos as the Guy Fawkes character eBay is a joke ok I wasn't doing anything wrong wasn't committing any payment violations wasn't committing any what do they say here wasn't manipulating any prices or listings wasn't manipulating any feedback or a rating system like they accused me of in this hit piece and these people are all pissed because I know how to fight back and I SEO to all these people and if you type in hubcap Joe's in Google search you'll see you'll see all the negative stuff come up seller critic goodbye all kinds of stuff these videos right here but more importantly if you type hubcap Joe's in YouTube search you see all the negative stuff come up that this guy does this guy see goo is manipulating the search results for hubcap Joe's okay so if we go to Bing comm and type in hubcap Joe's here we go seller critic go to page two we see all his videos complaints bored Yelp complaints video dot seller crazy so you see a lot of stuff come up about this guy so I guess he owed him just like he's se owed me and Google but the part that is amazing is that this cease and desist letter states that you can't disclose any a user's information in a third party for purposes unrelated to the services well let's just say I had a buyer account right now and my information is inside eBay well this guy right here is technically violating the eBay policy he's posted my information up on this site he's got my information up on his web site right here so he's targeting and he's harassing another eBay member and that is against the bots the policy violations that is against the terms of User Agreement at eBay so this is the guy we're talking about right here it's me [Music] this guy complains about returns refunds doesn't like to give returns or refunds to people he's an abusive person on the platform and so I'm doing this video to expose him that people that go on eBay should go to this guy's account in flag his listings in post and the flagging is what he's doing on YouTube okay this is conduct unbecoming of a seller and eBay's gonna say well it's not on our platform so we don't care getting on our platform we don't care about it now we don't care about it it ain't on our site so we don't care well this hurts your business eBay this person right here doing stuff like this because as long as he keeps doing stuff like this I'm gonna keep posting these videos I'm gonna keep exposing it as a buyer as a seller on eBay would you want to be treated like this and have eBay do nothing to this guy because he's top-rated seller he's only a top-rated seller because eBay takes his negative feedback off of his account and he uses promoted listings that's why he's the positive rated seller I mean just look at his feedback he's got eleven thousand five hundred and eighty one feedback sixty one feedback he's been on eBay since 99 for ninety eight so that's roughly thirty two transactions a week for a month he's not really a big seller but eBay is protecting this guy they taking away his negative and neutral feedbacks to prop up his account simply because he's over here promoting for eBay on this channel so this guy yeah I mean you guys make the decision on what you think but the most important thing here is we got a top rated seller getting eBay to send out bogus bullshit cease and desist letters any further access of any of eBay's website is unauthorized access and will further contra being the terms of the eBay User Agreement additionally your unauthorized access to eBay's website may violate various federal and state laws for example 47 USC 1030 the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act so they're trying to say that I've committed computer fraud in abuse well if that's the case where is the search warrant to take my computer this letter was sent to me in two thousand sixteen or seventeen this is the type of stuff the gang stalking corporate gang stalking and corporate hate do to people private citizens furthermore it's under California Penal Code 502 protects computer systems such as eBay's from unauthorized access they're trying to say that I've accessed their computer systems which is false they're trying to tie in the creation of a user account to unauthorized access of their computer systems they have to define that their computer systems it's a website of which they allow user account signups so if they can't prove that I'm hacking or accessing files outside of that user signup then they got no case so what they also include in here by this letter ebay therefore demands that you cease and desist any further disruptive Act on ebay on any of eBay's global websites including but not limited to ebay calm and StubHub in that you cease and desist harassment of any of our customers including but not limited to joe DeMarco and jerry DeMarco so we could see who had this letter produced this isn't a bogus letter and including but not limited to contact or harassment related to these customers homes businesses eBay accounts in social media accounts failure to heed this demand may expose you to substantial liability so now they're saying it's a civil action okay now they're saying it's a civil action homes businesses eBay accounts and social media accounts so does eBay own social media accounts of hubcap Joe does eBay own the businesses and the homes of hubcap Joe this is why this letter is so stupid and bogus I mean come on man so not only is Joe DeMarco creating bogus cease-and-desist letters using eBay's letterhead fraud he's over here creating four websites about United States people promoting hate against United States eBay sellers right here see this is the guy right here he's doing it on YouTube as well here's the owner right here of CAP Joe this is the guy right here crazy NY driver yeah I mean I could go on and on and I we've got more evidence of it so I'll let you guys go at this point peace out see y'all later Up next

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  • eBay Guy Trolling United Auto Workers Union

    Here we have the eBay guy Joseph DeMarco publisher of the crazeenydriver show attacking united auto workers (uaw) on YouTube. Bottom line here is DeMarco is trying to get his arch enemy Charles Fitch fired from his union auto workers job. It's an example of hatred in the workplace since DeMarco works for eBay Inc who has the worst corporate governance ever.

    As for Mr. Fitch I have no knowledge of him scamming anyone. I've known him since around 2013 and have learned a lot of white hat webmaster skills from him. He was the master at creating and selling Amazon associates niche websites. The sites worked by listing amazon items for sale and submitting to search. When a consumer clicked on an item in the store they were taken to Amazon's website to purchase with the store owner getting a commission.

    It is said that when DeMarco found out he called eBay who ordered a smear campaign to wipe this Amazon peddler off of YouTube. Only problem was Fitch was not intimidated by these corporate trolls and fought back. Many will label this guys fighting. But it goes so much further than that. With DeMarco's crazeenydriver eBay talk show being rumored to be sponsored by eBay Inc, are they also funding his offshore website chuckfitchscammer.com? There's lots of abuse going on with YouTube being the provider of their services to attack critics naysayers and outspoken former sellers like myself. The FBI and the SEC should investigate what's going on here. The law is without a doubt being broken!  

    crazeenydriver attacks uaw youtube video id PYNcZNvwz60

    Transcript: today I'm going to show you an easy way to tweet to the UAW to report one of their members who is abusing private citizens it's very easy so let's get started what I do is I first go to a video on YouTube or an evidence channel where such evidence exists I copy the URL from this particular video right here which says Detroit thermal systems employee and UAW member eBay as a joke abusing private citizens then I go over here to Twitter now right now I'm on the UAW page but I have already tweeted this to them so now I'm going to tweet to UAW for department so right here is the for Department what you do is you click here tweet and you type in your tweet and in this case I'm going to tag UAW once again now it's important to do the correct tags to make sure they're picked up in Google search once again I have tagged UAW and Detroit thermal systems employee abusing private citizens from the workplace notice I'm tagging workplace then you paste your URL to your video here and please help and there you go you've just tweeted to them it's very easy to do guys if you are a victim of employee abuse in the workplace at the UAW as I am and many of my friends are please report it to them please do not sit back and do nothing this man Charles Fitch has been attacking myself and many other people under the guise he Bay is a joke and many others for years and I am going to continue to report him until the authorities step in I'm never going to stop and there is nothing he can do about it guys thank you for watching this video if you have any questions or comments this is the UAW page this is their Twitter page you can contact them right here just tweet to them I'm not going to tweet to them right now in this video because I just did before I made this video but thank you for watching anytime Fitch makes a video attacking me I'm gonna make one right back thank you bye

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  • Spokonzaga Pete Running Smear Campaign On YouTube

    This is Spokonzaga Pete who was helping crazeenydriver battle blogger ebayisajoke back in 2014. Everyone suspected eBay ordered this smear campaign when they and PayPal were getting bashed on YouTube. Unfortunately Doc took their targets side which dragged him into the corporate feud Hubcap Joe was running that would make the Hatfield's and McCoy's jealous.

    Spokonzaga Pete YouTube Video ID ILkObxw3Nm0

    Transcript: video is in response primarily to doc he is in denial we all know what we all see it but this is a direct response to doc doc wake up if you think for a second that you trust a guy in a mask on the internet then you've got some problems second how in the world are you the only one out of everyone who has seen the body of evidence and you are the only one who does not believe a single word of it as if you believe every word he says that there is an ebay corporate conspiracy only against him that is what you're saying and do you realize how stupid you look when you do that now I'm going to give you the benefit out no one can be that stupid so either you have some ulterior motives or you are that stupid or your outright unethically sound you're not ethically sound which is it so let's go with your just naive and gullible and stupid and you've been told one thing many things that everything that we say is a lie and a conspiracy and you believe it and you have even spoken with crazy New York driver many times you have tried to get your account back you asked him well if you have all these connections in ebay you can get my account back no yes crazy Europe driver went to philly yes he met people there but do you think corporate people and ebay are going to go into the public and start manipulating thing you think they do if they have that type of pull your channels would be on God and so it ours so would mine it's because it's not happening there's 10,000 channels out there on YouTube who bash ebay and the mask mat and one of them was a mask nobody else does and they're going to give this guy any credibility no doc you have been lied to because you're mad at quizzing our driver because he couldn't get your channel back and you believed everything he said because you thought that you could make a good name for yourself and it has done the opposite you need to separate as quick as possible from the masked man and now I'm the one who's trying to help you out here like you say it almost all your videos oh you know I'm just kidding you know don't take it personally but you sure look ugly and you need to shave and you're all coked up and drugged up and drunk that's how you are doc you know you give backhanded insult your passive and then you go exactly do exactly what the masked man tells you to do you you lie and you say oh well you know Jason obviously is creating a distraction and so you know but you haven't looked at what is on ebay blows and all of the stuff that is put up about Jason that makes him get angry and upset and fed up with the constant attacks from the masked man you know what happened when Jason did the interview with crazy nut driver and what happened to Jason afterwards it was two months of constant harassment putting his name and everything up on ebay blows and other websites and hadn't done anything but interview crazy jerk driver and comment a few times all over and over the masked man cast the first stone he casts a second stone he's the only one doing a stoning until people fight back and you doc refuse to accept that fact because you do not want to know the fact that you lost your account because there was no conspiracy against you it was because of your own actions and it might have even been the actions of one of those stealth accounts on ebay that you so diligently shut down and flat ebay would appreciate you for you got a lot of account shut down on ebay and you shut down the masked man's stealth accounts on ebay motors and he got you back and you don't realize it and now he has befriended you in an ironic twist that he laughs all the time that he owns you you are the puppet you are the sock puppet doc he sabotage to you he owns you he ruined you and now he has befriended you when he is the one manipulating you he knows exactly what he's done to you and so do i you are naive but you also know that you've been duped and that you're too in too deep to turn now so you you're going to play dumb for as long as you can but it doesn't cut it anymore I am here to tell everyone now that you know exactly what you're doing you know the masked man is not who he says he is he is what we say but you are going to continue the charade as long as you can because you are too emotionally involved you have made too many mistakes you have stayed it deliberately ignorant for way too long and your reputation now cannot handle just saying publicly you know what I was wrong I got duped I hoped upon all hopes that I could get my account back but I can't and I sided with the wrong guy who gave me hope and he lied everything you are hearing now from the masked man is a lie doc everything he does all the attacks he does all the lies he does all the slander first second third fourth he does it so many times to other people that they have to fight back and then when they do he says hey look at what they did they're just bullying me and nobody else believes that everybody sees what happens because they haven't happened to them attack after attack after fake account after fake account five accounts and you start to realize oh obviously it's the masked man there's no question about who it is because there's only two people who side with him you and the masked man so is all of this mass matter is that you doc are you helping him because this stupid act that you play doesn't cut it anymore because you know exactly all of the facts that you are deciding to ignore and now you have gotten yourself into such a hole that you are refusing everything and you are only doing what the masked man tells you to do out of fear yes and you know it your fear scared of the truth you're scared of what he might do to you and what you should be scared of is the ethics and the laws that he is breaking that you are helping him cover up for and you are helping him continue his intimidation and fraud racket on everyone here in YouTube and on the internet and he is the very person that you are so adamant about stopping yet you are protecting one of the worst ones any of us has ever met or known of the lies are so deep even you refuse to see them and so I challenge you to challenge him to prove that he has not done thing that we have said prove have him from ask him why why did you put all of that stuff up on Jason was it really just because Jason called you out on a video and sides with Joe is it really you think that you can show his mother's house and threaten his his whole lifestyle by doing that because he sides with Joe it might be in some ebay conspiracy why don't you ask him that doc where does he get off putting up everybody else's information online first and now you think that we were the ones that first did it no there are hundreds of witnesses who know for a fact that that ebay as a joke is the one who did it first that is his MO that is how he runs business and that is exactly what he continues to do to this day with everyone and you helped him and you support him and stop if you are going to continue to believe that I work for ebay or that everyone else is an ebay show or lithium shell and that everyone else is using stealth accounts and that that the only message out there is that ebay is corrupt you really need to wake up because as I said before the ignorant and playing stupid act doesn't cut it anymore onto here to tell everyone that everyone who's listening to this don't believe that doc is ignorant of stupid anymore he is not third party because he is not weighing the evidence on the whole side of everyone else besides the masked man he is taking only what the masked man says and puts out there internet and calling that the truth but he is denying what hundreds of other people have said and experienced and nest and have documented and recorded not to frame him but to say exactly what he has done truthfully and to the best of their knowledge exactly the timelines and facts of all the bullying threats sabotage scams stealth everything that he has done to everyone else and yet you believe one person who wears a mask on the internet who has lied and denied about everything and actually admitted that everything was a lie after he got caught he says all is just a just a game to try to get ebay as a joke and you guys all fell for it thanks for the hips everybody thanks for the media attention and you buy into that doc don't look stupid anymore you cannot look any more stupid but after this video if you continue with all your charades and thinking that this is a ebay control puppeteering act trying to discredit a messenger you aren't even more stupid than I think because you're not that stupid so you have ulterior motives and either they are only for fame and fortune or to get back at ebay or they are nefarious intent so it's one of those two and i'm going to leave it to you to figure out which one because playing stupid and end you pretending that you're third party doesn't cut it anymore you're not and you know it and all of us know it but right over here is one guy with the masked man and you know what he knows it too he knows he's fooled you he knows he's got you and he knows he's lying and that we are all correct we don't go to Fox News and the FBI and the police because we are trying to just a frame an innocent person haha but he lies and cheats and and scan bullies and intimidates everyone else to try to get them to be quiet because he knows who he is under that mask wake up stop the charade get out of this dock because it will go nowhere for you it's already gone nowhere for you it only you and the masked man no one else there was no one behind the scenes occasionally occasionally askin from ebay suspension forms comes over and does a little cameo with some of those other accounts and tries to attack me or crazy nut driver but then he leaves because he hates the masked man to satis but he's just trying to defend his stealth against my accusations at its identity fraud he's got no one he has burned everyone except you because you are his last hope and don't be it don't be his scapegoat and his only source of his network that will keep his charade going you look bad when you do it out

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  • Exiled From Church By Corporate Haters

    Corporate haters Joe DeMarco AKA YouTuber CrazeeNyDriver and Jason DeCanio from Oveido FL called my pastor and tried to exile me from church. Theirs no doubt it was them (pastor recognized their voices.) I was followed to church by corporate trolls who told a bunch of lies. Capture of a haters YouTube comment.

    crazeenydriver church stalking

    This is yet another example of bad corporate governance at work. This corporation has no regard for anyone's safety and well being. All that matters is that oh-mighty dollar. 

    youtube stalking video id UWPutxEiu50 by the geriatric comedian

    Transcript: well here we are Christmas Eve and got a ringside seat for the services at Calvary Chapel and let me pull my car right up by the gates as I can't really get around to good and sit in these plastic chairs the folding chairs would definitely break under my weight but anyway here we are and there's one she's all dressed up looking pretty look at you smile make you smile Merry Christmas that's right Christmas there I am I don't think I look too awful bad I hope hope I don't you go ahead but anyway here we are and I got the stage set up here and we're waiting for the waiting for the service start at 6:30 that was ten to six starting to fill up here yeah and could it be a great service I'm sure they're gonna be live streaming it's basically that's what you're seeing is there on the screen they never actually got a camera on the stage there or one of the something on the stage it's good to be a great service well here we are if please it's almost time for the service to start and getting dark there's the stage and it's really filling up quick here oh just about all the farm belt seats pretty much taken up but otherwise that'd be a great evening thank you Father Lord for providing the service for us the sir you've given me a good seat sit in my physical condition and hopefully get pray for me that I get to walk and walk better next year.

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  • Bad Corporate Governance Example eBay Guy Stalking On YouTube

    Here we have Teflon Don Hubcap Joe an eBay top rated seller and the official company social media pr guy stirring up trouble for his bosses. What he is doing would be against any other corporations governance policy. But we're talking about eBay Inc that could care less. It's a known fact that corporate execs are in fact cheering him on. CEO Devin Wenig is well aware what his eBay guy is doing but turns a blind eye. It's a blatant YouTube policy violation too. But with that eBay corporate money coming in Google could care less as well. This guy brags about being un-suspendable. Maybe he should be the one that is FIRED!

    Video transcript: in this video I'm going to unmask this man as Charles fish an obese loner that lives in Westland Michigan the purpose of this video is to explain why Fitch is harassing some people to this day including wjbk reporter Rob Walczyk about seven years ago Fitch started attacking me because I'm a successful eBay seller at that time I was not requiring immediate payment on my eBay listings and Fitch would place fake bids or do the buy it now in order to secure the winning bid leave me negative feedback then call eBay and make fake complaints about me if that wasn't enough Fitch would then upload videos to YouTube proving he did it because he thought that myself and the other victims had no way of identifying him or bringing him to justice well this masked man was very wrong reporter Rob Walczyk who does the Hall of Shame segment wjbk in Michigan did a nice story about this internet predator in fact Fox News actually referred to this man as I quote an Internet predator and international Menace unquote Fox News did two different pieces about this guy and shows how he attacks many many people online not just myself the purpose of this particular video is to show you Charles Fitch attacking Rob Walczyk I'm going to play a clip of that shortly and you will hear Fitch distorting his voice in an effort to get reporter Rob Walczyk fired in subsequent videos I will show you conclusive proof of Fitch attacking at least half a dozen people online and trying to get them fired Fitch loves to call people's job to try and get them fired erroneously and falsely so I think it's only fair that Fitch should be reported to the following locations for his stalking number one Detroit thermal systems is a company in Romulus Michigan where Fitch works and he is abusing their terms of employment by using their Wi-Fi and resources to harass and stalk people not only is he doing this online but he's doing it in the workplace and the workers at Detroit thermal systems have contacted me because they fear for their safety because Fitch owns a loaded registered gun him right there and he actually claims to carry it with him at all times the reason I can say this is because Fitch himself made that claim on a video and uploaded it to YouTube and I do have that video and I will produce that subsequently Fitch is also a member of the United Auto Workers Union the UAW and they need to be contacted as well as well as Ford Motor Company who subcribe subcontracts out certain parts to Detroit thermal systems to be made I myself do not think the Ford Motor Company would approve of Fitch's actions and I don't think you would either now let's play the clip of Fitch attacking reporter Rob Walczyk and after that I will come back with contact information how you can help Rob Walczyk off the air because he is destroying people's lives he's really going out on a limb to put stories out there that are not true I mean the current story that he just about this guy you know calling him a loser saying he's a loser because he lost his home it's really pathetic that you guys keep allowing this individual with a camera go around and not only harass people but to stalk them I mean even admits that he's stalking people watching them I just think that somebody needs to look at this and take him off the air I think he is an idiot you know this guy called people a bomb he deserves to be in the Hall of Shame himself I think Rob wall tech needs to go just look at the comments we get the Facebook comments that you guys have on your latest story with him where people are speaking out about the terrible things that he's saying about the people that he's doing stories on trying to destroy their lives and call them bums call them losers when this guy's a loser himself we're tired of hearing this guy get him off Fox News Rob Walter needs to go okay if you're as disgusted by this man's behavior as you should be and I know as I am I'm going to give you some contact information so we can give him a dose of his own medicine Fitch is employed at Detroit thermal systems in Romulus Michigan and they can be reached at 7:30 for 4:03 6500 press the option for Human Resources and asked to speak to either Eric or the new man who was started working there I don't have his name on me right now but I can get it secondly I'm going to put a link to the UAW Facebook page in the description box or the comment section please you can contact them right through the Facebook page and tell them what their member is doing which violates the terms and conditions of the UAW membership next I'm going to put a link to the Twitter for both the UAW and the Ford Motor Company because I think the Ford Motor Company needs to be brought into this because they have no idea what their subcontractors employee has been doing and abusing people from the workplace I think that be very happy to learn that now let me make something clear if the UAW or Ford itself or Detroit thermal systems choose on the merits of what this man has been doing to fire him well that's just fine but that is not an end in itself it's just a means to an end so what I'm saying is if he gets fired tomorrow nothing changes this continues our goal is to see this man arrested for criminal stalking pandering and also interfering with the running of an online business and a brick-and-mortar store business I don't have time in this one video to tell you guys all the things Fitch has done to myself and others but I'll just highlight a few of them right now number one he made fake fire code violations against my business and I have the emails that link right back to him during the early days when he first started attacking me he was a little more careful about what he did but lately he's gotten very sloppy and careless and this information links right back to him so this is really really strong evidence as I said myself and the other victims are lobbying for the arrest and conviction of this man he also impersonated an FBI agent to get sensitive PayPal and eBay information now if that is not a federal crime I don't know what is guys please visit Chuck Fitch scammer com that link will also be below and you can see some of the resource material we have compiled over the last seven years I have absolutely no intention of ever stopping this the reason I'm so fervent about it is because Fitch place those fake bids on my account to hurt my eBay store he thought he was being real funny by rubbing it in my face and placing those videos on YouTube I'm willing to bet if Fitch could turn back the hands of time seven years he wouldn't be so cocky because of that I will never stop until he's arrested thank you guys for watching this video I'll have another one up as soon as I get time with more information about this guy we are going to continue exposing Charles Fitch of Westland Michigan

    youtube abusive video id mpMEOvgjcQY by crazeenydriver

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  • Corporate Troll CrazeeNyDriver Outs Victim Using Fox News Rob Wolchek

    After his victim bashed eBay while selling Amazon associates niche websites on YouTube crazeenydriver brought in the big guns. Seems to me then ceo John Donahoe hated Amazon with a passion. It's my opinion he couldn't stand this guy promoting Amazon and literally bashing eBay and PayPal at the same time. It must have drove Donahoe crazy. What it would have been to be a fly on eBay corporate boardroom. This was the ultimate corporate smear campaign ever. It's rumored Lithium superfans were involved in the smear campaign.

    Video transcript: hey guys Joe from the crazy New York driver show today is Tuesday August 6th 2013 and today's video is entitled public service announcement regarding fox news reporter Rob wall checks news segment last night regarding a dangerous cyber stalkers the purpose of this video is several fold mainly to keep the community safe that's something I've been a longtime fan on keeping eBay PayPal and YouTube safe from scammers and cyber stalkers we have a huge voice folks and the last night it was more apparent than any goodwill win before we get started a couple of points I need to make if you saw last night's show you'll understand what I'm gonna talk about if you didn't see the show there's a link below which is directly to the Fox News site fox news reporter Rob Wall checks report which you can see yourself for those are for those of you who did see it you know how far along things are and you know what's gonna happen next so for that reason I will not be using anybody's real names or even anybody's YouTube accounts I will refer to the person as my cyber stalker or the monstas either is apropos all right so let's get started if you saw the segment last night and I did and I was up to the wee hours yes I know I look a little tired now and I am and I admit that I probably fall asleep at work later but it was time well spent I was surprised to see how many of you good people were up late last night now granted there's a time difference all over the world so if I was up let's say 12:30 1:00 o'clock if you live out west it was three hours earlier so it wasn't that bad for you guys but I was really surprised at the number of people that were commenting and viewing live now a lot of really take some time now to thank the people that have helped thus far because I didn't do this alone I mean yes I'm the one that actually contacted Rob and gave an interview but actually let me tell you some of the people responsible for all this first of all my friend changed he actually recommended that I contact Rob Walczyk I did and Rob was very good to work with he was very interested and he presented a great story you all know my friends sculpins agapit he was also on last night's new show and he spoke briefly about ISP masking and that's something we really need to get into big nate'll we've talked about the cyber stalking issue and people are well aware of that but we need to talk about ISP masking because it's very important and if to a freak of nature you don't know what it is to use eBay as an example all right let's say I'm logging in from Brooklyn New York right now okay let's say I'm a criminal and my eBay account get suspended eBay would ban anybody login from this exact ISP which is good because it keeps eBay safe however there is a person a stalker who has devised the way around that so he gets banned from eBay and got banned from eBay if you watch last night's segment and he continues to go on and perpetrate fraud like Peter says we need to make ISP masking against the law that should be reserved only for federal officials or people and law enforcement not for civilians there is no good that can come from ISP masking that's something Peter and I have been talking a lot about and you'll be hearing more about that in the future from us but let me get back to this video another guy that's been a big help from day one is moo mart moo mart one he's a member of the KL o V which is an arcade community before the cyber stalker ever attacked me he was attacking the arcade community and scamming them I do believe their website might be K LOV calm but if not you could just Google K LOV and all their information will come up and I hope that this has been a help to those good people some other people you may not know that well alright Neil from Brighton Beach Brooklyn not far away from me Neil's been a great friend from day one you don't see him on video - look she's not a big video guy but he's very good at what he does Neil is an investigator in case you don't know that that's what he does for a living he's an investigator he can get information that's really important also very good behind the keyboard is Matt Zolo matt is an expert code slinger and graphic designer he can make you up some neat logos the guy is super talented a great friend and an honest eBay seller next we have brian brian has been a good friend throughout he's kept in touch with me emails he's made videos and we've talked about things and he's been very supportive without Brian I wouldn't be here right now without all of you I wouldn't be here right now think about it think how many people are involved in this there are just so many Gary Gary I haven't mentioned you lately just a short pants you have been another invaluable asset with your PM's and your insight and your help that's what's so great about YouTube is good people coming together helping each other and this child proves that think back to last year when all this crap saw it if any if I said to any of you last year in one year a little over a year Fox News is gonna do a feature article about the monster if you guys would have said well Joe you know I hope you're right but Jesus I don't know and I could understand your thinking but guys it's happy it's happened cause we have a voice on YouTube me you all you guys we made this channel work and as far as I'm concerned we want pure and simple you know if you saw the video last night Fox News report you know what's coming next read between the lines don't worry anything that happens you will know about it okay I'm on the case I'm not going anywhere I will still make norm by normal Friday eBay videos by how to put this video out today just to thank you originally I was gonna put it out yesterday and tell you about the news report but I decided not to I said let me wait one day let me see how the news report goes and let me see how everybody comments and let me address those comments ah there's just so many people I mean I could stay on here all day you know all day it's interesting if you're watching the news report some of the questions the report is asked like where does he get his money from did you also notice how they said here Ali leaves the house goes to the movies alone who goes to the movies alone except for sad-sack oh my god when he came lumbering out of that movie house buh-buh-buh-buh-buh boom my jaw dropped all right and the class act that he is and every scene short pants flip-flops and no socks I mean he just he embodies class not oh my god but then again I just want to say thank you guys thank you for sticking with me thank you for all we've accomplished and all we are going to accomplish eBay is a lot safer now so is PayPal and I dare say you two about YouTube's gonna hopefully follow their leads they haven't yet I don't think YouTube really knows what's going on but they will okay well anyway I'm crazy new out driver you're not thanks for watching Ferrari I'll have my normally BAE video back and by then I will have gotten some sleep man you guys really Rock I mean I'm really I'm God Thanks that's all I can say thank you for everything you've done and if I forgot to mention you please understand I had about two hours sleep last night I haven't left the work yet but I had to put this video out it was the least like to do thanks guys let me out of here bye

    crazeenydriver youtube video id OGZ1Y4mYOr0

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  • Suspended For Complaining About Car Scams On eBay Motors

    In 2006 eBay was infested with car scams. Doc ended up getting suspended after a listing was wrongly cancelled. I always invited prospective buyers to call my toll free number to ask questions or to add a buy now to a listing. I had an absolute baby doll 1986 Lincoln town car with low miles. As I've done many times a buyer called and we negotiated a buy-now price.

    I logged into eBay and added the buy-now option. Told the buyer to refresh his screen and he should see the buy-now added and to click it and close the listing out. He said it's gone. eBay had pulled the listing for suspected fraud.  I ended up selling the car without it's auction. But really angry about what transpired i sent Bill Cobb a nasty-gram. He responded by clicking his naru button and it was goodbye Doc.

    I'm thinking they wanted to get rid of me and set me up my killing that listing. I was a pain in their sides always complying on their motors forum about the massive amount of car scams and deadbeat bidders who won auctions and did not pay. The trolls are telling people i sold stolen cars and rolled back odometers. Trolls also claim eBay kicked me off for being a scammer which is not true!

    Here's a screenshot of my now famous NARU email dated 01/22/2006. It's posted to my phpBB forums and has many replies from friends and motors forum members. By that time it was nearly impossible to sell a quality 'front line ready' used car on eBay. My buyer and I below standing next to the car.

    ebay suspension (naru) email notification

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  • Warning Consumers About Internet Car Scams

    In 2013 between April and September eBay was infested with car scams. Newly registered sellers with no feedback were listing late model automobiles for unrealistically low prices. Many buyers lost their money to these cleverly baited phishing traps. Doc created narrated screen capture videos warning consumers as more scams were listed every day. One of those videos is below.

    About this time was when the the discrediting of his sellers reputation began. I'll always believe eBay was behind the trashing of my pristine sellers reputation. They gave scammers the run of the house with literally no regard to their members security. Fraudsters were picking their buyers pockets clean!

    Video transcript: Greetings friends doc here it's Saturday June the 8th 2013 and we've got quite a few today to go through so we're gonna get started here real quick Saturday you know from what I've understood that there's nobody working at the eBay entrusting safety to take the scams down so naturally the scammers take advantage of that they've been doing it for years they've been doing it for nine years that I know of and but anyway here's the first one here here's the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo pretty burgundy car new seller here io imp 33 hi we pronounce that rested on June the 5th ok 2013 that's the seller or should I say the scammer but anyway there's the there's the dead fish right there don't miss 4400 so there you go that's the dead fish with that one yep 4400 yeah don't miss it yeah I'll bet the only problem is you get your first hint of the scam if you look at this auto check history report let's see let's go all the way down here you know it is it is it is definitely for sure animal in Pennsylvania but the only problem is look here it says cover reported as silver alright so let's go back up here and go back there we found the CARFAX report on it and by the way you know a lot of times you can get a free carfax report if a dealer has purchased the Carfax within 60 days you can find that Carfax by googling up the VIN number so that can save you some money right there if you're just happy to look for a car and you even if you know it's not a scam go go up the VIN number you might find a free carfax look $39 you might get it for free but anyway getting back to the Jeep here it's at dealer inventory 510 2013 okay we're sold at auction on five six okay so that is definitely in Pennsylvania but further moving on along with the VIN number I come up with this listing on AOL autos for a dealer and there's the Jeep that the VIN number matches this VIN here matches the been in the eBay auction okay the last six the sequential and look you see it's silver and also you see what they want for thirteen nine ninety five so that's the price you know this is the dead fish this is the stinks like dead fish this you know pretty looking thing too and you see they've actually they pay chopped out the come on ebay load show you there's two back see how they paint shopped out the the license plate so that's not even the same not even the same vehicle okay anyway next we move on down the line to this 2005 toyota tundra limited pick them up truck it's for sale by eleven dot another new seller that also record on the sixth okay June 613 and we come on down here and there's the bears distinct like dead fish take it for forty eight hundred yeah I'll take a dozen of them for forty eight hundred real deals not that not not some scammers stolen pictures but anyway you can see there's the photos okay they're just that's just the photos to sell and the scammers showing you he wants you to think that that's the truck that you'll be fitting honor that actually he wants you to contact him and to buy it for that and unfortunately moving on down the line I found good by googling up the VIN number I found they closed out listing on eBay previously ended on April 14th that twenty four visit brought eighty nine twenty five and it's in chair and neck New Jersey so it looks like it's looks like it's somewhere near the beach in in New Jersey so so there's the truck there's the actual truck that matches the bin okay and then of course there's the scammers truck yep anyway so you can see there's a FETs that's how they do it they take a bin from one two picture from another and there you go but here's number three a 2005 Chevy Tahoe z71 in Lindon Michigan for sale by twenty-two dot Smith I'm sure that's probably the same scammer that set up the whole one Goyle but another zero feedback were registered on June the 6th okay come on down here to the listing and there's the there's the really stinks like I mean you got to be a real idiot to follow to do this and contact this guy living bombs at hotmail.com 4600 yeah right can you hear me calling I'm sucker big I'm soccer date yep ah yeah there's the there's a listing I found by googling up the VIN number on eBay which previous owner had it up for sale May 26 that ended about 16 bits brought 9100 reserve not net so that's the legitimate listing and the pictures are the same on this one but of course they got the actual owner had more pictures but see that's a scam that's a scam so anyway we move on down the line and we've got this Wow look at this big ol they go decked out 2000 Ford f-250 FX 4 Hey look at that man what a deal only 11 - woohoo 11 - for sale buy new seller curvy KRV why C 29 0 feedback arrested on June the 5th 13 okay so anyhoo come on down the listing and you can buy it for only 11 - wow what a deal huh and then there's the there's the dead fish you know contact me at this they want to get you off eBay so they can pull some scam on you okay good looking truck but there ain't no way in hell you're gonna buy that for 11 - okay so don't even think about him you see something like this just click back out of there and don't waste your time if you are an eBay member you can come down to the bottom link here and where it says report this item and click and report it unfortunately they suspended me because they don't like people like me telling their people there's brought out there so I can't report it but you can so anyway so that's the that's the scam I did find this listing apparently it's already sold okay but there's the truck 23 988 that's the price that who had it up for sale okay so I do believe it's already been sold but that's the VIN then that just that truck the sequential B so they want 23 they we're asking 23 988 and yet our scammer here we'll sell it for 11 - so if you if you swallow that sucker bait they'll reel you in and steal your money and probably steal your identity - at the same time so you just got to be careful folks do your homework don't swallow the sucker bait okay last but not least here's another Ford pick them up truck it must be pick them up truck day but here's a 2004 and f250 crew cab diesel for sale by 22 Vil 3 another zero feedback ER and have a look here June 6 restaurants June 6 you know very possibly these accounts are being set up with someone stolen I did need a stolen credit card I mean I kind of have a hard time believing scammers are using their own identity to whisk ours you know just like everything else they do it's all false so but anyway coming back here going down the listing just truck to be yours only 7 grams I mean you got to be a total fricking idiot to think you can buy a 2005 Powerstroke diesel truck 4x4 you know for 7 grand you know for more pictures contact me you know there's the debt there's the stinks like dead fish right here and right there ok so you know if you swallow that sucker bait they'll reel your ass in ok 7 grand ha ha ha yeah right mm-hmm of course there's a there's a listing where it was on eBay it's actually in use to Texas there's the truck that matches the VIN okay it's a truck dealer in Houston Texas that had to something they sold it I don't know if they sold it or not but that's who owned it and man was there a price on here well yeah they wanted it brought thirteen 299 reserved not that they wanted 18 480 now you know I noticed that Audi made that you know these vehicles aren't bringing anywhere near what the what the actual market value they're not even bringing anywhere near what actual wholesale would be on an average because you know they've ruined the refugee in my personal opinion anyway he bass ruined the reputation of this site by you know allowing me number one allowed me dance cameras to come in here I mean they've been doing it since I started doing I started recording eBay motor scams in 2004 okay because they were out of hand they're still out of hand and he baits letting them get away with it and just killing now that's the fine example of a gorgeous-looking truck I mean this guy's got the messy old Vesey old double iframe problem see there when you got a lot of HTML using Firefox browser you're gonna get stuck with a double double iframe but look at that that's a gorgeous truck beautiful looking truck you know and you know chuckle we brought 13 299 the 11 bids you know trucks worth 18 grand all day long it worth 18 grand at the auction wholesale to another dealer okay but anyway now also I want to point out my website here is a bay Motor sucks com that's my blog and you know I've got documented eBay fraud going all the way back to 2000 or late 2004 early 2003 that I've been I've been back in the old days before we had the video you know I've been documenting all these scams the history's here it's been going on forever okay seems like forever and it's still happening now what you want to understand is I want to show you on the home page here this is an article from the FBI okay that it tells that how the scammers are using eBay branding which is the VP fee or the vehicle purchase protection how to scare people out of their money okay so you might you know anytime anytime you got any doubts about a scam you know just go check this out if you don't believe me listen to the FBI okay and also it's very important that there's been a lot of lot of fraudulent second-chance offers going down and there's also a video here that I've got embedded in my site that's talking about a person in Texas that almost got scammed being was smart and he called eBay and they said no it's a scam it was on an Airstream trailer he almost lost his money but what also I want you to know is the especially aware of any second-chance offer if you bid on any of these cars that these scammers have listing you could have even been on somebody's car that they could have hijacked someone's account you might get an email for a second chance offer okay just got to be careful that that very possibly could be fraudulent okay never even send a small deposit to you've confirmed the valid a of the offer by contacting a summer through the eBay message center never contact a seller through an external email address like we've seen on these examples I did earlier okay and also that should be in if you get a legitimate second-chance offer from eBay it should be in your eBay my messages okay that's the both in you want to look out for now down here is an actual scammers invoice for a vehicle on eBay that a friend of mine played out played this thing scam out with these scammers okay and then this deal and you can see here come up a little bit there what they wanted was the get the goal of this game was to hustle the mark out of it eighty four hundred and fifty dollar deposit by wire scam of my wire transfer okay but now this this one had a this one had a twit double twist to it in order to in order to do this you had to call this toll-free number okay the eight seven seven two zero nine seven one two five which is supposed to be the eBay Support Center okay to confirm your invoice and request payment in instructions okay so basically what these people what these scammers are doing is they're gonna fish your identity when you call this number to complete your transaction they're gonna ask you your date of birth and you know your driver license number and you know blah blah blah they're gonna they're gonna steal your identity they're not only going to steal your money they're gonna steal your identity too so be very very careful if you see anything it looks even anything resembles anything like this okay just run like hell and if you've communicated with a scammer you need to run a full virus scan on your computer okay they could put a key log or anything in there that could one day one you're put chatting with them they could hide a key logger that when you type in your banking password or anything it transmits it to scammers so run a full virus scan on your computer and you know I use myself and it's free if you're using Windows it's called Microsoft Security Essentials ok it's for Windows it's Windows antivirus it's free it works like a charm it'll block a script it does auto updates updates itself automatically just like Norton or any others that you got to pay a fortune for it works fine ok but in the meantime I'm going to get out of here I've talked way too long but just beware that the scams are out there and also I might want to add real quick I've teamed up with another ebay video blogger the crazy New York driver is a another video blogger on YouTube and he knows everything about eBay if you need any help with an eBay transaction or anything asked me a comment in one of my videos there go to the crazy New York driver channel it's called it's cra-z EE ny driver ok his YouTube channel and post a comment I'm one of his videos or are contacting through YouTube email and he'll be glad to help you but anyway you know whatever you do folks just be careful the scams are out there you know don't swallow the sucker bait there's these scammers are pros at what they do stealing people's money ok and if you if you you do they're useful if you do if you swallow the hook you're done forth they'll reel you in and your money and your identity to be fished so take your friends have a great weekend

    warning about car scams

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  • Twitter @ReportBullies Promoting Hate @Jack Will Not Remove It

    Twitter account @ReportBullies is another social media account that's used to spread hate. It's been reported many times in it's 5 year existence but is still spreading hatred and bad will. @ReportBullies is rumored to belong to eBay seller Hubcap Joe who owns a Moscow RU hate website that's advertised on it's cover page.

    twitter hate account @reportbullies hubcap joe crazeenydriver

    Theirs no doubt where this hate is coming from. eBay top rated seller Joe DeMarco is the linked website owner. Joe also produces the weekly eBay Infomercial series on YouTube under his crazeenydriver channel. Looking through DeMarco's past "eBay Talk Videos" you will see this linked offshore hate website advertised. Who is data from when it's privacy protection expired is here.

    This is yet another example of corporate hate alleged to be coming from eBay Inc. It's been going on since around 2013 and local law enforcement and the feds refuse to get involved. It's criminal cyberstalking, plain and simple. 

    Doc produced this video about a year ago documenting who owns this hate website!

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  • Stop Cyberbullying Now YouTube Channel Promoting Hate

    This YouTube Channel Stop Cyberbullying Now is anything BUT what it's name implies. Alleged eBay corporate trolls headed by crazeenydriver post this hate using anonymous YouTube accounts. This hate video is produced by creator Jason DeCanio of Oviedo FL.

    youtube hate video id ik2tLHhzu2E creator jason decanio

    Video transcript: well good morning once again folks to the Disney Kenya channel for Wednesday May 21st 2014 and cone you fucking old man you just don't know how to leave well enough alone to you it just like the fat boy have to stick your nose and everybody's business let me tell you something about what you want to classify as social media manipulation you my friend do a hell of a good job pull it off all this crap look at you t me based smear campaign you know this right here is going to land you in fucking jail why because you have no business making a site like this your website ok your google URL your YouTube channel your shield Buster's dot org you want to be exposed just like the fat boy we can expose you very easily there my wonderful word the wisdom to you is old man you should have stuck your nose somewhere else when you said I was going to have my surgery done and then you come back play all this hopes on us your hoax backfired first of all because it didn't it didn't surprise me one bit you know you didn't play anybody but yourselves as damn fools ok you want my advice there Coon why don't you go ahead stick your nose in the river and suck up some of that polluted crap that's floating in your brain ok you want to talk about a smear campaign how do we smear you and eBay is a joke charles w fridge all over the internet and talk about how you lie and deceive and fraud and scam people how about that how about we do that and we could do incredibly and not break the law you see you break the law and continue to do this again you and the fat boy have lost your focus why don't you go into ebay paypal for fucking you over and you know to get any brain cells left in that old fucking head of yours you know who to our continued to demoralise the fame say neat things about the passing of Joe's mom really heartless it and you're a heathen for Christ's sake that my friend you know you're a heathen you don't practice no religion you say you keep going to church I want to see what church you go to buddy in Tampa yeah I tell the pastor what a fucking idiot you are I said this before to you mr. Kuhn as long as you guys want to keep smearing me all over the fucking place you're going to get what's coming back to you it's really simple stop doing this and I will stop doing this it's really simple you guys want to expose what you know you cannot win against which is all of us against you're too sorry asses well if you want to count that whiler that's three I still say it's a 10 23 matchup with us coming out on top every time now ed you know you keep saying that I dodged your interview about this well here's my response back to you you think I'm going to give you a truthful statement about the mail fraud situation I told you I was innocent of all of that crap you're very old fat board made up all that crap and you believed in like a jerk that you are you would believe a better tells lies you're Christian and you know what they always say about Christians they never tell the truth ok that's not all Christians ok I've been a Roman Catholic for 34 years want to bring the religion thing in here smartass you know yeah yeah the group is led to be headed you know joel has didn't want to fight you and the problem is is that you're a coward just like fish you don't want to put your money way and put money where your mouth is you know you just want to go on and make these videos use the smear campaign the social media manipulation you love manipulating the media just as much as we do but here's the thing it's like the Liberals and the Conservatives your liberals we're conservative we tell the truth you lie and you always will why don't you go on CNN MSNBC ABC CBS all these letter channels and go and tell your story see if they really want to take your stories of how you lie and deceive people and tell their story you know if you're so big on this whole thing that mr. Kuhn because I think you're a fool I really do my word of wisdom to you is you shoulda quit while you were ahead when you had your surgery if you had your surgery and God knows you had to talk about an expert see you expose yourself every time there because you're told what to say by the fat boy and don't get me this bullshit that I don't know what I'm talking about come on man they are bullshit on it's just like he is and as far as I'm concerned you know the two you can go rock lake titicaca my friends because you're heartless you're cold hearted you show me very much disrespect to a man whose mother is on her freakin death bag do you have any idea how this man is taking this do you have any idea no you just don't give a shit let me tell you something there mr. Kuhn I hope you die of what has happened to you when the doctor screws you over okay why did you go complain to your insurance company how you got screwed over in your surgery okay and it doesn't matter if your old young newer weather when the time is up the Lord's calling you you gotta go and leave everything behind so you want to continue to make these stupid videos go right ahead you know you wanna keep your Charles are being blocked as far as it and as far as I'm concerned you can make a rebuttal video that i don't know what i'm talking about that I don't need to stay at it let me tell you some of the fat boys called me out as long as the fat boy and yourself are calling me and everybody else out we're going to fight you about this I'll see you sorry ass in court man I should have came after you a long time ago with a PPO I really should have because you threatened just as much as the fat boy does it may not come right out and point a finger but you shouldn't know how to convince people that you think you know what you're talking about and you can take your sorry 20 years of doing all this shit with cars and everything retire for a change go enjoy life man it's not your fight it's not dead LYLAS fight it's Charles W Fitch's fight and right now he's a sorry coward for not coming out and starting to come clean about some things because as long as he talks the shit hits the fan every time and you read you're just spreading the shit all over the place so with these these fake channels this one and you know everything else that you basically have come up with the cyber awareness channel that has I've received notifications from who the hell are you fucking kidding man who the hell are you kidding yeah man you're jealous just like he is you gotta stick your nose where the Sun don't shine right money yeah that's exactly right hey so friends let me tell you something about mr. air-cooled he loves to stick his nose in everybody else's business just like Charles W fetch cheap Detweiler anyone who is jealous of the fact that they're like them they get pissed off and they got exposed well we're gonna expose you guys how about that how about it edge how about it because look at it this way if you want to sue me for exposing you we can come right back and expose you for 20 years of scams frauds and everything else you got your sorry ass kicked off ebay paypal and the likes of okay i will sell on ebay or paypal the mail fraud scam any true but you're going to believe the fat boy over me because i stood you up on a phone interview you think i'm going to stoop to your level no way mr. kuhn you want to debate you come on Jason Kelly's show and we'll debate and I'll tell your sorry ass right in front of a million people you are the loneliest person in tampa bay florida who sits it from his computer there crepyn yeah and I can you're fat booyah fat poor friend will say that I am harassing the eldery let me tell you something man there are more mature adults out there who are on justice in better shape as you are mr. Kuhn but think before they talk ok you get played for a fool every time by mr. fish so you know what comes out of your pie hole then hits the fan every time so once again friends if if if Charles W fit your head Coon want this kind of treatment we will give it to them it's as simple as that I have no problem exposing to growing overgrown Apes individuals that need to be put away in a jail in a facility where they need some serious counseling serious help serious thoughts about what they're saying and to who they're saying it to andrew that directing their anger toward because we know you're pissed off we know you're upset but here's the thing your accusations and your allegations are becoming false every day so go ahead talk some more bullshit makes you look like a fucking idiot doesn't it that mr. Kuhn that's alright that's alright you keep talking and I'll keep truthfully telling you to your face in videos or fucking assholes you really are they said he can yell out

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